Proposal & Selection of Candidates2

Proposal & Selection of Candidates

Soul Central Awards and Medals

Nomination Guidelines

A person is eligible to receive no more than 1 SCA Awards only once in their lifetime except for the Honors and medals, which can be assigned only once to any person including previous division medal awardees. With regard to early career applicants, any person is eligible to receive one Outstanding INDIE Award (SCIA) in their lifetime. (SCIA) includes all areas of upan coming independent artists , promoters , dancers, inspirational people, celebrities and much more .

More over, the following individuals are not eligible to be candidates for medal and/or awards during their terms of service and one year after the term is finished (meaning that the nomination for these individuals cannot be accepted during their term, but can be accepted the subsequent year after the term ended):

  • SCA President;
  • SCA Vice-President;
  • Council Members (not including ex-officio members);
  • Chair of the SCA Committees;

Recipients of SCA (including SCA and SCIA) awards cannot subsequently receive a lower level recognition from the SCA itself (e.g. a recipient of a Indie medal cannot receive a division medal). It is possible to award recognition shared between individuals: in this case the relevant recognition will not subsequently be awarded for as many years as the number of recipients exceeds one. Members of the Medal and Award Committees are not eligible for that medal / award in the two years after stepping down as Committee Members. Moreover, with respect to the awards and medals reserved for the early career and more recently established recipitents we refer to the definition of  SCIA Soul Central Awards Indie.

Any person can be a candidate for only one SCA Award and/or only one SCIA Medal each year. An SCIA can be a candidate for the Soul Central Indie Award for one division only each year.

Award and Medal Committee Members cannot submit nominations or write support letters for the medals they are serving for.

Nominations for all the medals and awards are to be submitted on-line by NOV 4 midnight (GMT +1) of each year (absolute deadline). Only SCA members can submit nominations for all SCIA medals and awards. Then, proposals will be forwarded to the Chair of the relevant Medal Committee. Nominations for SCA Medals and Awards are not automatically renewed for the subsequent year. A person can receive one SCA medal or award only each year. Self nominations are not accepted.

Nominations should include the following items in PDF format:

For Soul Central Award

  • Nomination letter (1 page). This must clearly detail why the candidate deserves this recognition, in particular focus on the candidate’s contributions to the field, of their importance, their impact on the discipline and their implications for the future. The new views and new insights that have been stimulated by the candidate’s work are particularly relevant.
  • Curriculum Vitae (2 pages). A summary of the candidate’s CV, including the candidate’s name, address, PAST history of employment, degrees, past performances, honors, and service to the community.
  • Selected Press Articles (2 pages). A list of selected publications by the candidate that best support the nomination. It should also state briefly the candidate’s total number and types of publications and citations.
  • Supporting letters. Between 2 and 3 letters of support (maximum 1 page each) should be submitted. These letters should clearly establish the nominee’s recognized contribution to the field.

For the Soul Central Indie Award

  • Nomination letter (1 page). This must clearly detail why the candidate deserves this recognition, in particular focus on the candidate’s scientific contributions to the Industry.
  • Curriculum Vitae (1 page), with particular emphasis on the candidate’s activity in the Industry.
  • Supporting letters. 1 or 2 letters of support (maximum 1 page each). These letters should clearly establish the nominee’s contribution to the Industry.

For the Soul Central Outstanding Achievements Awards

  • Nomination letter (1/2 page) including the division the candidate is most Renowned for.
  • Curriculum Vitae. A summary of the candidate’s CV (1 page) including any charity or community work.
  • Selected bibliography. A list of selected publications by the candidate that best support the nomination (1/2 page). It should also state briefly the candidate’s total number and types of publications and citations.

The whole nomination package for the Awards must not exceed 2 pages, otherwise the nomination will not be accepted.

To increase diversity in the group of SC awardees and medalists, we encourage the SCA membership to consider gender, geographical and cultural balance when nominating outstanding achievements at various career stages.

Selection of Candidates

Any SCIA medal or SCA award is selected through a rigorous assessment of the candidates and their merits. The SCA Council, the Medal and Award Committees Members and the and Division officers are committed to soliciting the nomination of deserving individuals by avoiding conflicts of interest. Medals and awards may not be conferred in a given year if high quality nominations are not received.

Candidates for the medals are evaluated by the respective Division Medal committees (with the exception of the Outstanding Achievement Awards) before final approval by the Council.

If only one nomination is received for a Division medal, the Awards Committee will assess the merits of the candidate and may seek the help of external peers to ensure that the candidate is high profile and deserving. The SCA reserves the right to not confer the medal when there is only one nomination.

The assessment made by the SC Award Committee is approved by the Council before medals are conferred.

Candidates for the Soul Central Indie Awards are evaluated by the Award Committee and finally approved by the Council.

Candidates for the Division Outstanding Achievement Award are first evaluated by the relevant Division presidents who forward the best candidate to the Chair of the Award Committee.

The President will then inform the awardees and medalists appropriately and will invite them to the next General Assembly , where the awards and medals will be presented. The President of the Division is asked then to take all necessary actions for inviting the Medalists to give a medal lecture at the General Assembly.

In parallel, the Programme Committee of the next SCA General Assembly incorporates the corresponding potential medal lectures into the overall programme of the meeting, either as “stand-alone” talks or as “invited” contributions in selected sessions.

The awards are presented by the Hosts, Celebs and selected Presenters during the Award ceremony at the General Assembly, while the Medals are presented by the respective Hosts and Presenters at the beginning of the Award and Medal Lectures in question. The SCIA medallists are introduced during the Award ceremony.

Time Schedule the Union and Division Awards and Medals

1st September –
16th October
Open for submissions
16th October –
1st November
Survey of all suggestions by the respective Award and Medal Committees. With respect to the Soul Central Outstanding Achievements Award / Award for Soul Central Indie Artists, the presidents of each Divisions will evaluate their proposals between Oct 16th–4th Nov midnight (GMT +1), while the Council will select max. 2-3 candidates from all suggested Categories.It could Differ depending on candidates submissions per category.
8th  November Peer assessment of the nominated candidates by the  Awards Committee.
11th November Final approval of the candidates by the Council at its fall meeting.
Late October/
Early November
Awardees and Medallists are informed to receive their award/medal at the next General Assembly of the Union.

At the General Assembly

In relation with all current awards, General Assemblies, can be a opportunity to present a number of special awards, such as the Outstanding Student Awards to further improve the overall quality of of life and most importantly, to foster the excitement of younger colleagues in presenting their work in a artistic and/or creative form, And give them the encouragement to achieve, and even more achieve for the betterment of our global community.

Criteria for Application

Eligible for the Outstanding Student Awards (SCOS) Awards are students that:

  1. are first author and personally present creative art and ideas at the conference;
  2. satisfy one of the following criteria:
    • are a current undergraduate (e.g., BSc) or postgraduate (e.g., MSc, PhD) student;
    • are a recent undergraduate or postgraduate student (conferral of degree after 1 January of the year preceding the conference) who are presenting their thesis work.

Please note that each first author can register only ONE abstract) for the (SCOS) Awards contest at the General Assembly.

Procedure of Application

Authors may express their interest in participating in the (SCOS) Awards contest when submitting their abstract. With the “Letter of Schedule”, authors are informed about the final form of their presentation: via media reel / oral presentation . In case of poster or PICO, students fulfilling the above criteria can register for (SCOS) Awards by selecting the respective link in the Letter of Schedule. In case of more than one presentation as a first author, students are asked to decide which presentation should participate in the (SCOS) Awards contest. The student names are then forwarded to the (SCOS) Awards coordinators of the respective Programme Group. Authors receive a confirmation email after the (SCOS) Awards registration deadline (which is about two weeks after the Letter of Schedule).

Procedure of Selection

If you participate in (SCOS) Awards , please attach the (SCOS) Awards label to your submission material clearly. and state clearly reason for submission and why you feel this person deserves the recognition..

The (SCOS) Awards coordinator of each Programme Group sends out emails to all (co-)conveners with the list of (SCOS) Awards abstracts to be  To avoid conflicts of interest, if this is a two person team or more please state all names involved clearly..

Evaluation updates for each (SCOS) Awards presentation will then be made available online via our website If you are a Student and still a minor please have adult representation at all times.

these awards will be presented at the General Assembly.

Award Presentation

Each awardee is notified by the event coordinators. Awardees are asked to submit a short statement on affiliation and research interests (2-3 sentences), a portrait photo and their presentation or a PDF of their poster to the SCA coordinator. The information is published in the Soul Central Magazine Newsletter and on the SCA award website. The awardees receive a waiver for the next Soul Central Magazine Event and are invited to submit a paper free of publication to  costs covered by Soul Central Magazine. Each awarde ealso receives an award certificate.

Formor information email opr contact Executive Producer Dawn Yosp

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